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June 29, 2005



Hmmm...any reason venison liver wouldn't work?


Hola Makrothumeo, thank you for visiting. The very first time I prepared liver bread, it was chicken liver what I used. I havent tried any other kind of liver for this recipe. IF I ever get some venison liver would eat it myself :) I love liver---hmmm


I eat the hearts myself, but usually the hunters I know give me both, so I eat the heart and toss the liver...if I could make doggy snacks out of it that would be good, though.


I think they would love it :)


No offense to anyone on here, but it is funny how new users like myself trust everything that they read hear. Just because youve been a member longer than me does not mean that you are smarter. Please heed all advice before taking :)


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Wow! Great thnkiing! JK

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