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November 21, 2005





Stupidest thing I've ever read. Seriously study some research. There is nothing and I mean nothing in meat that we can't get from non animal sources. And i won't even begin on environmental reasons to eat less or no meat. Time to evolve dinosaur!


Jon, maybe you need to be more open minded. Most vegetarians I know are almost military with their veggie ideas and won't even consider some things don't work for some people.

I am one of those people who can't seem to absorb folate through a vegetarian diet. After being vegetarian and having my diet tailored for me by a doctor for five years, I finally did resort to meat for my folate. Even veggies high in folate and with me taking extra folic acid didn't help.

I had my vitamin levels checked every three months, especially folic/folates because I have a deficiency there. My dopac levels are extremely low and folates are needed to regulate that. Low dopac levels are linked to Parkinson's (runs in my family) and schizophrenia (runs in my family), alzheimer's and early onset dementia.

So, not all of us absorb well from veggies. I started adding beef and organic bison to my diet daily and I improved very quickly. I was under the care of a vegetarian doctor who really tried to get a vegetarian diet to work for me. But, in the end, my health didn't allow it.

So far, my dopac levels have doubled, but even doubled, I am still deficient. I've been told that it takes a long 'over-time' progression, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

There are some studies done on autism, as well, that shows folic/folates raised dopac levels and symptoms improved. It is extremely important to regulate those levels.

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I like the post and think it holds a lot of merit. If you are not a vegetarian, then you definitely need to eat meat. Eating lean meats is very healthy and an excellent source of protein! Great blog by the way!

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