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December 02, 2005


Don Ray

I am sorry to hear that six legged creatures are molesting your digital bits. Maybe if you put a couple photos of ant traps among all your food photos and recipes you could eradicate them. Better yet, how about a video of a RAID commercial.


Don, I have been thinking about this issue and have the perfect revenge: I will write an article on -bug cuisine- including some really tasty recipes featuring ants and other multi-legged critters :) How about that?


Oh! Wow! What a discovery to make! I'd never think of an ant farm in my computer or lap top. I think you're right: They're attracted to all that delicious-looking food that you post all the time. ;-) I hope that it gets fixed soon.



Well... I had the same problem with my laptop but aart from shooing them away and buying several cans of canned air I continually wiped my desk to erase scent trails and stuff like that. That's the only thing that occurs to me to prevent it. At least no ants have dared to enter my computer again :D. Take care and nice redesign! I love it.


Oops on the redesign. Hehe.. I realized I always visited your other blog. Hence the confusion on my part. :D


I have an update for you: although I still have ants parading in the perimeter..., I HAVE to ADMIT they were not the cause for my laptop's problem. After spending sometime today at the computer shop, they diagnosed the monitor to be deffective and urging to be replaced. They still do not know when the piece will arrive from the US, I will do my best to post as usual.
Have a great weekend!


Antonio, thanks for the suggestion...will get canned air asap! Hugs,


I can't believe what happened with your computer! I've never heard of anything like it before! Well I hope that you're up and running just like new soon and I'll get your cookies up whenever you post them (or next Friday if need be). I put up a note on my blog so everyone knows what happened with your 'ant attack'!


Thank you Dawn for your patience with the cookie post! Will have it up asap. Hugs,

Chairborne Stranger

Holy cow, I can't believe that! Hope it's all right now!


hello... first time here, though I see you alot at Michelle's blog (Accidental Scientist).

What you're experiencing with your computer is the affinity that ants (and cockroaches!) have for certain electrical frequencies. They are also very attracted to the electronics of answering machines too. I think your computer may have shown the added benefit of being warm!

Good luck!


Thank you McAuliflouer, I think you are right, I noticed more ants when I was working in places without AC. I learned my lesson :)


Interesting. I not only are ants swarming out from inside my laptop (also a Dell - Portege), but I also found what I estimate to be over 500 white eggs! I vacuumed the machine, removing all easily dismantled parts. The problem is not completely solved and, for the moment, I am storing the laptop in a trash bag at night to prevent further infestation.


Its the same problem with my New Dell here. I observe ants queup with food stuff enter my laptop. Plz let me have a solution.


Please HELP!!!!! I have ants in my laptop and would like to know how to get them out and what I should do to about this.

I do not want to have any damage to my computer and/or lose any info off it.

Please HELP SOON!!!!! Thank you, REE


oh boy, i think this ant infestation thing is common with Dell laptops! =( just recovered from a heavy fever and sat down at my desk to check my email and WHAT do i discover?? ANTS!!! yes u heard me right! ANTS happily running in and out of my laptop. the nasty red ant variety... and they bite! at an absolute loss what to do...tried shooing them off but it doesnt work... more & more appear out of the electronics every few minutes. and now my battery isnt working... so its no longer portable and once the power goes poof! i loose my work. =( i live in a tropical climate so ants are a common sight but never thought they could live inside a laptop! can anybody HELP?????????


wow, hope they didnt damage any parts. What worked for me was to keep the laptop in an air conditioned room, also to clean it very often with canned air (the kind that is sold to clean computers)...


A straw and a cigarette can smoke most of them out. For the rest of them that don't come out, I find that naming each one can lead to friendship. After this you will be able to control large colonies of ants and with their help will eventually be able to take over the world. So it's not all bad.



I live in a tropical environment as well (hawaii) and I too have ants running in and out, around, my laptop!
At first I thought I was crazy....but then I started googling and noticed I was "not alone".
So today I made a pro care appt. (yes, that's right they are in my gorgoues mac book pro) to see if they can do something about it.
Have not noticed any problems with my laptop, but the thought of all those ants having a party in there while I am trying to work just makes me squirm. ;-)
Just thought I would share my story too....I'll give you the update when I return!


Since I am no longer updating this blog, please take a moment to visit my new blog DiabloRojo, I have cross posted it there:

Thank you!


I experienced the same damn thing too. And this is what I've found.
1. Smoke them out. If you don't smoke, ask a friend who smokes to help you.
2. Turn on your laptop for 2 days. Ants are looking for a new place to colonize but if the environment gets too hot for them, they will eventually leave. Cooling pad? Unplug it!


Hey everyone! Well the ant problem is not only happening with Dell laptops. It's also happening with my brand new HP Pavillion dv9000. First they were on my laptop case...just kinda thought it was no biggy - maybe I dropped food on there or something....then I got my laptop out and set it on my bed - which is where I always put it. I went out for the day and came back - - there were ants crawling on my bed - I didnt know where they were coming from. So I cleaned off my bed and turned on my laptop. I started typing on my keyboard and all of a sudden, ants started crawling out one by one from the keyboard......
This is very strange. I am on that laptop right now and I dont see anymore thats good


Hey... i have the same problem with these pests trying to take over my Vostro. They are tiny but have strength in numbers. I have been killin a lot of em recently (forgive me god). I think they are good only with pixar and on TV.

I hope to get rid of them using the numerous ways as per the previous comments.

hope it helps.


Having the exact same problem with my Toshiba, a bit worse due to my phobia of ants.
I've heard they're attracted to the heat and the scent of spilled soda, and probably can't due much damage besides overheating the machine with their dead bodies.
However, it worries me because I recently heard about a new species of ant on the news, which has invaded Latin America and currently has no natural predators. Apparently it likes to chew through the wires of computers, and has completely disabled more than one machine already.


Just Use Napthalene balls inside your laptop case , they have prevented ants entering my laptop, or keep whole cloves in your laptop case , it also prevents ants from entering

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