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December 02, 2005



Napthalene balls and Cloves are very good repellents against ants entering your computer , use them together inside the case where u keep your laptop , that solved the problem for me , try it , but dont forget to email me and send me a thank you .

I hate Ants!

I have the same problem. Tiny red ants are coming in and out of my laptop and I just can't stop squishing them for vengeance. I clean my notebook a lot and use antibacterial wipe everday. I wonder why they like it there. Is it because of the heat? These little buggers destroyed my bose disk player once, they chewed off the microchip and I had to replace the whole damn thing! gggaaahhh!!!!!

air yeezy

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.


I've always wanted an ant farm but I have never met to buy! So I'll keep looking to see if I find them someday!


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