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March 20, 2006


bobby fletcher

I went to church in China and nobody arrested me, what gives? Could it be that I, as a guest to their country, show the curtisey of not breaking their laws?

Let’s for the moment put aside the argument weither China’s laws are right or wrong according to our senstivity. The fact remains their laws exist according to their sensitivity, and they have effects in their land.

Rule of law dictates laws are to be observed - else it’s anarchy. Unjust law should be changed within the existing reality and current states - else pay the price of civil disobidience (or revolution.)

I’m sure by now you are bored of these obvious principles of our proud western tradition, which many neglects while indicting China.

Let’s talk about weither the law that’s involved is just.

The reason churches go underground IMHO isn’t because they are “unauthorized” Catholics or Protestants. The Church I attended in Zhengzhou was a Protestant church.

My understanding of the reason chruches go “underground” is because they refuse to observe China’s law protecting children’s right to religious freedom that bars adults from indoctrinating children until the age of 16 (with flexibility).

Reailty is there ain’t enough GongAn to kick down the doors and arrest every parent that reads the Bible to their kids, or grandmothers who BaiBai the Kitchen God with little MeiMei.

But when pastors encouraged by foreign missionaries to break China’s laws and hold bible school, advertise to the whole village, invite the policeman’s kid to come every sunday for the brainswashing session - what do you think happens?

Mary B.

You are so correct
Mr. B.Fletcher. I've been brain washed to believe the media and our western governments for so long deeming China's goverment and leaders as these evil dictators and that their people are not free nor have the right to religion.

I have a passion for traveling. When I visited china for myself to experience, I was surprised, it was nothing like what I was made to believe in the media and by our US gov't and the european media/gov't. I've gained a real respect for that culture, its people and its gov't. There is freedom of religion in china, but it isn't forced upon them. You have the freedom to believe r not to believe in any religion you so choose, they don't favor one over another.

I've visited jewish temples, muslim mosques, buddist temples, and churches all over mainland china and not once did anyone arrest me,nor locals, nor any foreigners who worshiped in these houses of worship. These places of worship have existed there for thousands of years.

I no longer believe in these lies told to me about china and its gov't, propaganda is spread about them unfairly, its defamation, I'm surprised china's gov't doesn't sue our media and gov't.

Phychologically before I visited and knew the truth, I was a bit prejudice towards the chinese gov't and its people, I felt embarassed to have felt that way for a little after I knew the truth, but now feel empowered that I know what many around the world doesn't know.

I now don't make any assumptions or judgements, no matter who it's being told by, I hold my judgements until I experience and see it first hand.

If someone comes to our country in the U.S. and breaks one or more of our laws, should people of that other country and its gov't pass judgement and accuse things of our system, our process and laws here in the U.S.? Give me a break, if you break a law or commit a crime anywhere in teh world, in any town, city, and/or country, expect the consequences, and yes one of which is being detained/jailed. Duhhh, its not rocket science, think logically, its common sense.

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